SLATE Conferences


Ron Brownsberger, newly appointed Schoolmaster of the schoolhouse built in East York, visited other schoolhouse sites as he prepared his own program.  Motivated by his experience, he invited people to visit his site on April 28, 1986 to see his school and exchange programs.  10 people attended. 

In 1987, The Old Britannia Schoolhouse in Peel hosted a gathering of “Schoolmasters, Schoolmistresses, Museum Personnel and Others Interested in Early Education Programs”.  In 1988, the meeting was hosted by Oxford County and at the business meeting it was decided that the organization should assume SLATE (So Let’s Talk Education) as its official name.  

SLATE has continued to meet once a year except 1997.  Attendance at the conferences has ranged from 25 to 75 persons.  The SLATE program presented each year includes the following:

        Information about the history of the host site;


       Usually a more academic or scholarly presentation such as an aspect of early schooling, school architecture;


        Time for informal/organized interaction and sharing of concerns;


        A Swap Table where one site’s surplus books or other items can be taken for use at another site.


Minutes of the SLATE Conferences held since its first informal gathering in 1986 have been recorded.  

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