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Preamble                 Research at Quinte Educational Museum and Archives (QEMA) is essential to the authentication, interpretation, communication and understanding of our collections, as well as to the advancement of knowledge within associated disciplines.


Policy                       Research at QEMA will:


         Be directed towards developing a better understanding of (1) QEMAís collections; (2) the cultures and processes represented by QEMAís collections; and/or, (3) the academic disciplines and subjects represented by QEMAís collections.


         Be incorporated, where feasible, in QEMA galleries, exhibits, lectures, and other educational and public programs.

         Be published and/or otherwise disseminated.


         Be carried out within the ethical framework of the curatorís academic discipline, of QEMA, of the Canadian Museums Associationís Ethics Guidelines (1999), and in accordance with law.

         Be carried out in a manner consistent with QEMAís obligation to remain accountable to the people of Ontario and Canada for the wise use of the resources made available to it in its annual operating budget.

         Be carried out in a manner that does not obligate QEMA to an expenditure of funds except as provided in its annual operating budget.

         Be one of the basic performance elements of all curatorial staff.

         Be directed by individual curatorial staff and, except as noted above, will be without constraint or limitation.


Date                   August 17, 2008


Amended           August 18, 2008


Policy Review

Method                        Internal Report

Responsibility              QEMAís Board of Directors

Minimum Frequency   Every three years


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