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Interpretation and Education  

     Preamble      Quinte Educational Museum and Archives (QEMA) is committed to the development and
                   delivery of exhibitions, public programs, and other educational activities, in
                   realizing its mandate to promote education and teaching for the world's natural
                   and cultural history.  At the heart of this commitment is a belief in the role
                   of museums as centres for life-long learning.

     Policy        QEMA's educational activities are intended to:
                   Encourage understanding of the natural and cultural heritage of Prince Edward   
                   County, Ontario, and Canada.
                   Increase public commitment and support by making QEMA an invaluable educational
                   resource for the community.
                   Make QEMA accessible to a wide and diverse audience.
                   Enrich visitor experience and foster collections-based learning.
                   Enhance the reputation of QEMA and further its Mission.
                   Promote an understanding of museums and their role in society.

     Types of      QEMA is committed to meeting the needs of its diverse audiences.  Accordingly, it 
     Educational   will provide a broad range of educational activities designed to reflect multiple
     Activities    learning styles and levels of interest.  These activities include, but are not
                   limited to, school-visits program; children's programs; external teaching
                   activities; community tours or travel; cultural, artistic, and/or community based
                   events; and interactive exhibits.

     Principles    QEMA's activities will:
                   Use QEMA's collections and resources in a stimulating and imaginative manner.
                   Be accurate and current, at the point of delivery.
                   Incorporate relevant pedagogical practices, knowledge, attitudes, and skills.
                   Reflect external curricular mandates, when appropriate.
                   Be planned in a collaborative manner involving appropriate representatives from
                   the external community, in addition to relevant QEMA associates.
                   Be developed and delivered by curatorial, teaching, or appropriately qualified
                   employees and volunteers.
                   Employ a combination of instructive/didactic and open-ended inquiry learning.

     Excellence in 
     Content &     The quality of educational activities will reflect QEMA's reputation and status.
     Delivery      Accordingly, QEMA is committed to:
                   Assessing its educational programs qualitatively and/or quantitatively.
                   Supporting and improving teacher performance.

     Date          August 17, 2008
     Amended       August 18, 2008

     Policy Review
     Method            Internal Report
     Responsibility    QEMA's Board of Directors
     Minimum Frequency Every three years


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