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Policy - Exhibition Policy


Preamble               Exhibits are the main attraction for most visitors to Quinte 
                       Educational Museum and Archives (QEMA). The purpose of 
                       exhibits is to involve visitors in the process of discovery, to spark 
                       curiosity, to inform, to provoke thought, to stimulate imagination, 
                       and to heighten appreciation and understanding. 

Policy	               QEMA will:
                       *   Stage exhibits consistent with its mandate, vision, mission, 
                           strategic imperatives, and principal objectives as approved by the 
                           Board of Trustees.
                       *   Implement a thought-provoking and diverse exhibit program that 
                           reflects both the natural history of Prince Edward County, 
                           Ontario, and Canada.
                       *   Consider the care and safekeeping of both QEMA and loaned 
                           objects when mounting an exhibit.

                       *   Make accessible to the public the collections and collections-
                           based research by featuring ideas, objects, and specimens for 
                           their social, aesthetic, or historical interest, and by implementing 
                           innovative interpretation strategies to reach more diverse 
                       *   Undertake an exhibit program that includes both exhibits with 
                           broad audience appeal and some with more targeted appeal.

                       *   Present an annual program of changing exhibits supported by 
                           operating resources. 
                       *   Develop and maintain an exhibits program based on Board-
                           approved thematic categories and directions.
                       *   Include the exhibits program as part of the business plan and 
                           budget presented to the Board. 

Date                   August 17, 2008
Amended                August 18, 2008

Policy Review
Method                 Internal Report
Responsibility         QEMAs Board of Directors
Minimum Frequency      Biennially


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