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Policy - Emergency & Disaster Recovery Planning


Preamble                The preparation of an effective response to emergencies and/or 
                        disasters is a critical component of the Quinte Educational Museum 
                        and Archives (QEMA) plan for the long-term care of its collections 
                        and its physical and human resources.

Policy	                The physical safety of QEMAs employees, volunteers, and visitors 
                        is of paramount importance in any emergency and/or disaster 
                        planning and response activities. Beyond this priority, every 
                        reasonable effort will be made to protect and, in the event of a 
                        disaster, to salvage the collections. 

	                QEMA will:
                        *  Establish, maintain, and regularly review and revise as 
                           appropriate safeguards against fire, theft, flood, and other 
                        *  Develop a series of management practices and procedures for 
                           implementation in the event of an emergency and/or disaster.
                        *  Ensure that employees and volunteers are regularly informed of 
                           the emergency and disaster plan practices and procedures.

	                QEMAs emergency and disaster plan will:
                        *  Identify risks.
                        *  Generate procedures for the reduction of risks and losses, and as 
                           appropriate for emergency response actions, including the 
                           evacuation of the buildings.
                        *  Identify the roles and responsibilities of key employees and 
                           management groups in planning and in responding to 
                           emergencies and/or disasters.
                        *  Address the recovery and salvage of QEMAs collections and 
                           other physical assets in the event of a disaster.
                        *  Provide for the protection of QEMAs reputation in the event of 
                           a disaster. 

Date                    August 17, 2008
Amended                 August 18, 2008

Policy Review
Method                  Internal Report
Responsibility          QEMAs Board of Directors
Minimum Frequency       Every four years

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