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The Victoria Schoolhouse - A Sense of Community (2006)  is the story of the Victoria (Bush's) community and how education developed in this rural farming community from the early 1800s to 1966.  This story is told through pictures, anecdotes, remembrances, and archival research.  The story examines some of the factors that may have made this one-room school unique and how a sense of community developed  with the school and church closely related as the central focus.  In addition, our book gives a good account of the development of education in Ontario during the same time period.

The Victoria Schoolhouse book is available at local bookstores. Books may be obtained directly from Evelyn Peck, Board Director at a cost of $20.00 plus shipping and handling. 

The Saga of the One-Room Schoolhouse (2010) chronicles the development of education in Ameliasburgh Township (7th Town) from 1800 -1966.  Included in this illustrated history, are the roles of the various  stakeholders responsible for delivering the evolving education model, and  the first-hand accounts and memories of those members of the community who remember education in Ontario in its earlier stages of development.

The Saga of the One-Room Schoolhouse is available at local bookstores or directly from Evelyn Peck, Board Director at a cost of $35.00 plus shipping and handling.

About the Authors

Dan Rainey and Helen Tompkins are a brother and sister team who have collaborated on several educational and writing projects during their teaching careers.  The recording of the history of the one-room schoolhouses in Ontario is of particular interest to both of them, since they attended a one-room schoolhouse in Innisfil Township in Simcoe County. 

Dan is proud to have experienced teaching in a one-room school with eight grades, while working closely with a small community to meet the educational needs for their children.  When the one-room schools closed in Prince Edward County in the mid-60s, Dan was the Principal of the Bloomfield School and became Principal of the new Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School in the fall of 1967.  Additional education roles have included employment with the Ministry of Education in teacher training summer programs and a Consultant of Culture and Curriculum with the P.E.C. Board. Always with a deep commitment to the community, Dan has served as a Councillor in Wellington, sat on the Board of Directors, Children's Aid  for Prince Edward County, and has been a Board of Director with QEMA since 2003, serving as Historian since that time, and President since 2006. Dan is proud to have been a recipient of Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee Award for community service in 1978.  Along with his enthusiasm for history,  Dan has a passion for photography and many of the photos from his photo collection appear in this new publication. 

Helen has experienced a long and varied career in education . As well as a classroom teacher and teacher-librarian, Helen was employed as a Regional Educational Consultant for the Ministry of Education, has worked in teacher education, presented on the professional development circuit, in addition to the writing of curriculum for the Ministry of Education and several school boards.  Always with an interest in meeting the needs of 'the whole child', much of her career has focused on the individual needs of students. Helen's special interests include architecture, antiques, archives, and history, and more recently one-room schoolhouses and the communities they served.  Helen lives in Richmond Hill and is deeply committed to her family and her cat, Harrison.

Nellie Montgomery (1921-2008)

Nellie Montgomery, a lifelong resident of Prince Edward County, loved history and spent many hours researching local history and family genealogy.  She served many years as Curator of the Tweedsmuir Histories kept by the Rednersville Women's Institute.  As a  charter member of the Seventh Town Historical Society, she helped research and write its book on Ameliasburgh Township history.  Nellie was also a charter member of the Quinte Educational Museum and Archives and served on the Board of Directors from 1977-1984 .  She was a contributing author of The Victoria Schoolhouse - A Sense of Community, the QEMA publication about the school where she had taught for a few years prior to her marriage to Harmon Montgomery.  A researcher to the end, Nellie was helping research our current publication, The Saga of the One-Room Schoolhouse, until her death in 2008.

Our Numbered Print by Local Artist, Laurie Scott

The watercolor of "Drop the Hankie" The Victoria Schoolhouse circa 1904, painted by Laurie Scott, a Prince Edward County artist, was presented to the Quinte Educational Museum and Archives by the artist.  This superb piece of artwork was painted to celebrate the move of the Victoria Schoolhouse from the Gore Road and the Weese Sideroad in Ameliasburgh Township, to the Ameliasburgh Historical Museum and Pioneer Village, in the summer of 2005.  Numbered prints have been created from the original watercolor to raise money to restore this century-old building.  The QEMA Board of Directors is grateful for Laurie's gift.

About the Artist

Laurie Scott is self-taught artist who was born and raised in Picton, Ontario, just a short distance from the village of Bloomfield, where she presently resides. Since her retirement from a rewarding teaching career in 2006, Laurie has begun to devote more attention to her art work and is looking forward to developing many new ideas and projects during this stage of her life.  Laurie is a five-time winner of the annual art contest sponsored by Essroc at the Picton Fair, and this honour has earned her much recognition and created a demand for her work.  Laurie Scott has worked with a variety of art media.

About the Composition

The Victoria Schoolhouse has been painted as it may have appeared in 1904, the year it was built in the Victoria community in Ameliasburgh.  The children depicted in the painting are playing 'Drop the Hankie', a circle tag game that was very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The reference material for the children in the painting was a small photograph taken in 1904 of the artist's grandmother as she played this game with siblings and neighbours on her family's Saskatchewan farm.  The 'circle of children' is symbolic of the cooperation demonstrated by students, as they organized and played their games during noon hours and recesses on the rural playgrounds of one-room schools across Canada at the turn of the century.

Prints are available from Kathy Reed, Board Director at a cost of $29.95 for a small print, $39.95 for a large. Also available are greeting cards, a.k.a. hasty notes, available in small ($2.50), medium ($3.50), and large ($4.50). And, brand new, you can get souvenir postcards featuring 'Drop the Hankie'.

QEMA will also be selling our prints of "Drop the Hankie", hasty notes, and our book at local fairs and craft shows

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