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Message that appeared in The 2013 QEMA CALENDAR

President's Message  


The summer of 2012 has been very successful for the Quinte Educational Museum and Archives (QEMA) on several fronts.  We employed Gabriele Cole as our Project Manager.  With her excellent understanding of museum studies, she worked with our summer student, Camille Gray, to provide learning experiences about early education in the one-room schoolhouse for visiting elementary classes.  In addition, Gabriele incorporated many new and exciting activities into our summer projects allowing students to experience many facets of Pioneer Life.  Further, working closely with the Ameliasburgh Museum and the County of Prince Edward Museums, she provided activities for summer day camp students.  Engaged at the Schoolhouse, in co-operation with Gabriele, our summer student, Camille, researched materials for our displays, and assisted Gabrielle in providing a wide variety of activities and experiences for children and adults visiting the Victoria Schoolhouse during the summer of 2012.

In the fall of 2012, we purchased a portable classroom and with the volunteer help of Stan Sommer, Grant Ray, and Kornelis De Jong, we were able to lay the footings for this building adjacent to the Schoolhouse and Woodshed.  In the spring of 2013, we will lay the cement blocks and place the portable on this foundation in time for our opening on the long weekend in May.  In the short term, the space will be used for our museum artifacts and museum displays currently located at our Archives on Coleman Street.  Our first priority for our new space will be to ensure accessibility, in order to proceed with the long-term vision of QEMA’s interactive Children’s Museum.  Finally, partnerships have played a huge role in our 2012 summer experience.  We hope to continue to work with the Museums of the County to provide interesting, fun, and educational experiences for students and visitors in the Quinte area and beyond.  


 Lynda Sommer, President 2012-Present



Past President’s Reflections  


 As QEMA President for the past seven years, I am both proud and pleased that our Board of Directors has  accomplished the initiatives outlined in our Five Year Plan as outlined in the 2005 document “Sustaining & Preserving a Dynamic Legacy”.

As we move forward, the QEMA Board ofDan Rainey Directors is excited about our new Three to Five Year Initiative to advance our vision of developing a Children’s Museum.  This vision will provide for the inclusion of exhibits that offer children and families a place to explore and learn through hands-on activities, multi-media educational programs, and cultural experiences related to the dynamic legacy of public education, and the heritage of Prince Edward County, Ontario, and Canada.  Our Children’s Museum will be infused with a unique energy, interpreting and reflecting on who we are as a community, while teaching children where we have been, where we are now, and where we can go!

 As a charitable, non-profit Corporation, we are mainly dependent on our fundraising projects and donations to sustain our century-old Victoria Schoolhouse, our Educational Outreach Programs, and the development of our educational archival collection to meet the standards of the Canadian Counsel of Archives.  The Board of Directors is appreciative of your financial support over the past 35 years as well as your ongoing patronage of the QEMA Mission and Vision.  


Dan Rainey, Past President                        

President 2005-2012                        

Historian 2003-Present


'Preserving Educational History for Future Generations'

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